Conditions and Uses

Rules and Penalties

Hotel Chalet Svizzero reserves the right to request a deposit to be paid by credit card, using the link the customer will receive by email or whatsapp, or by bank transfer. At the explicit request of the customer, the management can accept a deposit by charging the credit card directly.

In the event of a refund, € 25 will be retained to cover costs incurred.

Cheques are not accepted.

Unless otherwise agreed, the following conditions apply.

Reservation is confirmed on receipt of a deposit equivalent to 100% of the total stay. In the event of cancellation:

  1. received at least one month before the arrival date: deposit will be fully refunded excluding € 25 to cover costs;
  2. received at least fifteen days before the arrival date: 30% deposit will be refunded excluding € 25 to cover costs;
  3. received less than fifteen days before the arrival date or in the event of NO SHOW: the entire deposit will be kept.

Peak season (New Year holidays): all reservations are NOT REFUNDABLE. High season limited to the 4 weeks from the first Saturday in February to the first Saturday in March inclusive, and to the 2 middle weeks in August: the management could only accept NOT REFUNDABLE reservations.

The management must be notified of the cancellation in writing: otherwise, it will be invalid and considered as a NO SHOW. The deposit paid will be deducted at the end of the stay. Reduction of the stay will not exempt the client from paying for the entire stay booked.

The hotel has an agreement with the insurance company Allianz to cover cancellation charges.

  1. for the deposit if less than 100% is granted:
  2. for the total amount:

For matters not specifically included in the above rules, the Region of Valle d’Aosta’s hotel conventions shall apply, revised every ten years by the Regional Council with special resolution.

Hotel uses Aosta Valley

Art. 1 - Conclusion of the Contract

  1. The contract between the Proprietor and the customer is concluded when the customer, after the acceptance of his or her request by the Proprietor, confirms the booking, either in writing or by the shortest possible means (fax, e-mail and the like).
  2. It is customary for the hotelier to ask for a deposit of up to 30% of the price of the reserved services.
  3. In the case of guaranteed bookings through the use of credit cards, it is customary for the customer to make a reservation at the participating hotel by providing his or her credit card details.
  4. The guarantee relationship between the contracted hotel, the cardholder and the card issuer is governed by the provisions contained in the specific agreement signed by the hotelier with companies specialising in international credit card processing.
  5. Without the guarantees of use, cheques, travel agency vouchers and credit cards may not be accepted, at the discretion of the hotelier.

Art. 2 - Duration and contractual conditions

  1. Unless a longer duration is expressly agreed upon and duly documented, the contract is concluded for a single day.
  2. A customer wishing to renew the contract must notify the hotelier in good time and subject, in all cases, to the hotelier's availability.
  3. The customer may generally take possession of the room after 2 p.m., unless otherwise agreed in advance with the hotelier.
  4. The room booked verbally or by short ways (telephone, fax, e-mail) is, unless otherwise agreed in advance with the hotelier, kept at the customer's disposal until 6 p.m. on the day of arrival. The room committed by payment of a deposit or other guarantee of use is considered booked until 10.00 a.m. on the day following the indicated day of arrival. Delayed occupation of the room does not entitle the customer to extend the stay beyond the agreed period.
  5. The customer is obliged to vacate the room by 11 a.m. on the day of departure. Failure to meet the deadline entitles the hotelier to charge the room price for an additional day. The customer's right to leave their luggage in free storage, on the premises provided by the accommodation provider, for a maximum of half a day and in any case no later than 10 p.m., remains unaffected.
  6. In the event that the Proprietor, not forced by force majeure, finds itself unable to fulfil the contract agreed upon, it shall offer the customer similar accommodation in another establishment of the same or higher classification level, bearing any difference in price. In the event that the Proprietor fails to find alternative accommodation for the customer, the customer shall be entitled to a refund of double the deposit, without prejudice to any compensation for greater damages.
  7. In the event that the customer does not accept the alternative accommodation proposed under the terms set out in the previous paragraph, the hotelier shall refund the deposit.
  8. The customer is obliged to occupy the rooms that meet the requirements set out in the contract and that have been reserved for him/her for the agreed number of persons and period.
  9. If the customer terminates the contract before the agreed arrival date, the hotelier is entitled to claim compensation equal to the overnight rate for the days not used, proving the damage suffered, or, if he has received a deposit, he may retain the full amount of the deposit.
  10. If the customer does not take possession of the booked rooms by the specified day of arrival, the hotelier is entitled to charge the customer an amount equal to the missed overnight stay.
  11. If the customer departs before the agreed date, in the absence of just cause, the hotelier may charge him an amount equal to the overnight rate for the days not used, proving the damage suffered, subject to deduction
    due for the partial or total re-use of the abandoned chamber.
  12. In the presence of duly documented just cause, the hotelier limits the claim to a maximum of three overnight stays.
  13. The hotelier may require the customer to pay for the service in advance when the customer has no luggage or when the reservation has not been guaranteed by credit card.

Art. 3 - Customer's rights and obligations

  1. The use of hotel services entails the obligation to pay the relevant prices, according to the price list displayed in the reception area of the hotel.
  2. Any discounts or concessions to which the customer may be entitled must be declared immediately and are not cumulative.
  3. In the case of a customer sent by a travel agency, only the discounts and concessions agreed in advance with the agency are applied. The customer is therefore not entitled to any refunds or reductions for promotional activities or discounts practised by the hotelier.
  4. It is forbidden to prepare meals in one's room, to use machines and equipment for washing, ironing, heating, etc. and any other arbitrary use of power in the hotel. Excluded from the ban are electric shavers, hairdryers, mobile phone battery chargers and personal computers that are CE-compliant and, if applicable, equipped with a transformer.
  5. The customer is obliged to inform the hotelier at the time of booking of the need to provide a cot and/or high chair for infants and children under three years of age. If this is not done, the hotelier cannot in any way be held liable for any inefficiencies arising from the failure to inform.
  6. The customer is obliged to inform the hotelier of the presence of animals at the time of booking. Animals may only be admitted to the hotel if they are domestic pets, with the explicit authorisation of the hotelier and possible payment of an indemnity, communicated in advance and accepted by the customer. Animals admitted to the hotel may not, however, stay in the rooms in common use, unless expressly provided for, or be brought into the breakfast and restaurant service areas, with the exception of dogs accompanying the blind. The customer is obliged to keep the animal in its own room and in conditions such that it does not cause harassment or damage to the hotel or third parties. Outside the room, dogs must be muzzled. The customer shall be liable for any damage caused by his/her animal to persons or property.
  7. In the case of equipment that could cause damage to the hotel or third parties, the customer is obliged to give notice and to make use of the space or means provided by the hotelier.
  8. It is forbidden for guests to bring food and drink into the hotel for consumption.

Art. 4 - Pension

  1. The term 'full board' refers to accommodation and the provision of breakfast, lunch and dinner; 'half board' refers to accommodation and the provision of breakfast and
    of a meal (usually dinner).
  2. Drinks and extras in general are generally excluded from the agreed price for meals.
  3. Meals must be taken on the premises and at the time indicated by the host; in-room meals, where provided, may incur a surcharge.
  4. Meals not taken, for whatever reason, do not give rise to a reduction in favour of the customer, unless prior agreement has been made for 'half board' treatment.
  5. Guests wishing to take full board or half board must agree this with the hotelier at the time of booking or, at the very least, upon arrival.

Art. 5 - Additional beds

  1. The price of a single room to which an extra bed is added at the express request of the customer and in connection with a customer's need shall not exceed the price of a two-bed room. If the extra bed is placed in a two-bed room, a percentage surcharge may only be applied if declared in advance.
  2. A customer who occupies a two-bed room alone due to the non-availability of single rooms shall pay the single room rate.
  3. Guests who voluntarily decide to occupy a two-bed room on their own are charged a surcharge, however, not exceeding the price of the double room in total.

Art. 6 - Found Objects

  1. Items found in the hotel are handed over to the management, which keeps them available for twelve months.

Article 7 - Quality Protection

  1. To protect the quality of the services provided to customers, it is customary not to apply discounts and agreements that reduce the declared maximum price by more than 50%.
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